Get your mates and start preparing for the most unique and challenging race on the calendar!  Saturday 3 August 2023 marks the date for our 2nd annual Beer Mile, hosted by Linden Runner. The aim is to offer a fun morning of running and beers for runners from our area and outside to interact, and just spend a time as a running community, and still competing, over a couple of beers. Hoërskool Linden will once again be our venue of choice and we will have music, beer and boerie rolls on sale. Club Gazebo’s, team outfits, fun branding and families welcome!

Each runner who complete the challenge (4 beers and 4 laps done) will receive a branded Draft Beer Mug.


Join us on your 2024 running journey, and become part of this friendly community based running club, know for our friendly crew and focussed training. We cater for the faster runners keen to qualify and conquer ultra marathon; Master Athletic athletes and trail runners competing for top step at some of the best races in our country. But, we also nurture the runners who is just starting out, and need to grow their training with more constructive weekly running. Whatever your goals for 2024, our club and our fellow members will be with you every km!


Linden Runner is a road running, trail running and athletic club based in Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa

We realised a need amongst fellow runners in our community for a central and safe point to run from in our neighbourhood and heeded that call after consulting Linden Bowling Club on 3rd Street.

We are based at the Linden Bowling Club Sports grounds, and have access to safe parking, shower and bathroom facilities after a run, as well as their famous bar and outside patio area where you can watch the majestic sunset and have a clear view of Northcliff tower.

We have been a fully operational and registered athletic club since 2018.  Our members have access to the clubhouse and safe parking, ASA license if required, Club Kit which can be purchased with your membership and access to our hospitality gazebo at the finish line of all major road running races.

 View our 2024 membership rates and sign up.

We are an intimate, goal-focused and friendly family-orientated running club. Our weekly programmes include stairs, hills, fartlek, tempo, track and time trial, endurance and slow runs. We do not believe that running in masses on the same routes is the best way to improve your running. Instead, we constantly change our routes, we send out weekly training programmes, carve new paths through our surrounding trails and align our training with the goals of our members.
We host early morning club training runs for our members on Tuesday – Friday mornings, and our Social Club (Free to all) which consist out of 3/5/8km set route, take place every Wednesday morning at 5.05am from the club.

We also offer weekend-long trials and road runs avg. 15-21km from the club or designated points in our area on Saturdays and Sundays.
As a dedicated youth development running club, we offer invaluable guidance to students, scholars and novice runners in the sport of road, trail, track and cross-country running. Family running is the foundation and inspiration behind our Club’s existence. Linden Runner boasts a membership base well mixed with top Ironman, triathlon, trail running, Comrades and long-distance, shorth distance and podium high school and masters track athletes. We welcome runners who wish to better themselves and train with a focused group for better results.
We urge our road running club members to set 2 goal races for the year (summer & winter) and train, with our assistance and group support, to achieve these specific goals. In the last year, our athletes safely participated in the Comrades Marathon, Two Oceans, Magoebas Trail, Otter, and SkyRun with various smaller races added to our list throughout South Africa.

Linden Runner hosts and owns the very popular JACARANDA RUN ™ since 2020 and will continue to run this community event in 2024 as soon as the first purple flowers fall in Linden. We have also initiated and hosted over 20 #koppiestrailruns. Our focus for 2024 will be to get our runners back and fit for a full road racing calendar and expand our trail running team with a focus on endurance and challenging runs throughout our beautiful country.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Long, slow running will NOT enhance you!

What is your running goal? Linder Runner offers a weekly training programme for members, to suit runners of all abilities on both trail and road. Chat with one of our Captains and find out how we can help you achieve your fitness goals in 2024.



We are very proud of our luminous green club vests and we are easy to spot at races. Our kit has been custom manufactured from high quality fabric and a cut which would fit the average runner comfortably. Our ladies vests are cut differently than our mens vests. We also offer extra length vests for some of our taller gentlemen. This year we added a Trail Tech shirt in a universal sizing for all our trail runners. Make sure you fit your shirt when you collect your kit.


Estie Van Heerden
Estie Van HeerdenChairlady & Club Coach
Morning Captain for Wednesday Social Club runs, and weekly training program creator for the club. Estie has over 38 years of running experience, Multiple Ironman finisher and triathlon expert, an Ultramarathon runner on both trail and road, a Master swimmer and an MTB enthusiast. As founder of Linden Runner AC, her focus will always be to grow the love for running at grassroot level amongst the youngest members of our club.
Anli Grobler
Anli GroblerVice Chairlady
Captain of Weekend Trails and Cross Country. Anli has also been running since the age of 8. She’s an accomplished Comrades finisher, Ultra distance runner, and expert in all aspects of running, training and racing on trails and road. With her wealth of knowledge and soft approach to new members, she forms the backbone of Linden Runner AC and guide the Tues and Thursday sessions.
Thewie van Heerden
Thewie van HeerdenDirector - Operations
Every ship needs a route planner and a voice of reason. Thewie is also a multiple Ironman finisher, Comrades runner, Ultra distance athlete in both road and trail, and a force in the MTB scene. His knowledge of strength training and belief in training balance ensure that we keep our runners balanced throughout the year.
Harry Gardner
Harry Gardner Morning Captain: Tues & Thursday sessions
Harry is our club’s most consistent runner and chief whip at Tuesday and Thursday sessions and weekend Trail runs. He is a multiple ultra-distance runner on both trails and road. He plays a vital part within the club, assisting with the planning of our running calendar and guiding new members on their running journey to goal races and achievements.
Marietjie Annandale
Marietjie Annandale Morning Captain: Chatty Runs
Marietjie plays a vital part in the Linden Runner family, looking after the easier/beginner runners and head the Friday morning chatty runs. Marietjie has build a strong record of running shorter races and shown how valuable consistent training can improve your running.
Lizzie Dlamini
Lizzie DlaminiCaptain: Impi's and club events
Lizzie heads up the Impi development runner group in the Linden Runner family. Her passion and love for running is unmatched. Lizzie ensures that we all attend races as a club, and will cheer and welcome every one of our runners over the line. As a multiple marathon and half marathon runner in her own right, Lizzie will be on hand to help with advice and choosing the right race for your running goals.


Tinfish Creative Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency in Linden. Tinfish handles all our marketing, event collateral, printed signage and flags, web management and digital content for the club. 

MoiFin Financial Services is powerful financial auditing firm in Honeydew. They sponsor their services to Linden Runner for the second year running and ensure that our NPO status are kept in tact, and our taxes and audits are up to date. 


Since Linden Runners is a community running club, we support local. As members we support our partners, most of whom are club members and fellow running enthusiasts. All you have to do to quality for partnership discount, is to produce your Linden Runner membership card when you ask for the bill or do final payment. 

Christine Myburg is a Registered Biokineticist practicing in Parktown North. She has worked with numerous sports teams including the Surrey Cricket Team, the Scotland, Fiji and South African Sevens teams. Whilst living in the UK she worked for the Ministry of Defence Rehabilitation hospital where all she assisted injured soldiers with recovery and rehabilitation. She is a multiple full Ironman and marathon finisher, and a morning captain at Linden Runner.

Christine Myburg Biokinetics will offer all Linden Runners a  10% discount on your consultation fee when you show the 2021 member tag. 

Dr. Michelle Weyers is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a General and Sports Medicine Practitioner. She has multiple Ironman, cycling, road running and trail running titles behind her name. She is an experienced athlete and team condition advisor to all Linden Runners ahead of our largest races. Her practice is located at Jan Cilliers Laerskool in Parkwood.

To book and appointment simply click here, schedule a time, and receive 10% discount on your consultation fee when you show the 2021 member tag. 

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