For those who are not familiar with the background of Linden Runner AC, herewith a short outline of OUR ETHOS: 

• Safety in Numbers. We are a group of runners who decided to find a safe base to run from in the neighbourhood we live in.

• No discrimination. We welcome all runners & walkers. All Pink martians that own a pair of Nike’s are also welcome.

• Remember where you came from & pay it forward. All of us started somewhere. But mostly you are a better runner today because of a friend/running buddy insisted you run up the hill and not around it. Be kind to fellow club members. We always fetch back runners on the long runs and we never leave a member behind. Take one recovery run, and sweep at the back of the morning bunch. Chat to aspiring athletes and remember to pay it forward with encouraging words.

• Bigger is not always better. Our love for running is what motivated us to start this club. We don’t buy athletes and we dont have any sponsored athletes. We might seem like a laid-back and friendly bunch, but at our core are some very experienced runners with a deep passion for the sport. We are small and focussed, and we acknowledge every member in our club. You run for us cause you love running and you want to better yourself. And maybe because we have some striking running kit!

• Family first. We want the community of Linden to use our club to connect as a family in a healthy way. Come for a weekly run or walk and watch the sunset from our club. We welcome toddlers, scholars, development athletes, prams and hopefully the senior walkers from Darrenwood will join us too!

• Don’t take yourself too seriously. Linden Runners will always encourage fellow runners during races and be humble in our achievements. We wave and cheer for the last of our members when they finish, and we always lend a helping hand to a fellow runner. We expect our club members to set an example at events and training runs that will build on this reputation we’ve established.

• We run green. We don’t litter. EVER. We expect our runners to aim for every dustbin at waterpoints and keep their sachets and wrappers on them till they can discard in a bag provided. Our club also boast a group of trail runners, and if we can follow this rule in nature, then surely this can be done on the road!

• Push yourself. We will not allow any member to find the comfy spot on the couch and fly under the radar. We encourage runners to pick a goal race or distance and with our help, we enhance their ability to achieve these goals. And getting pictures of our runners with finisher medals is what we are after. Chat to our chairman should you have any questions.

• Donate. We have a big initiative to help runners who cannot afford races or running gear. Pls donate your old running shoes or clothing (chat to your club captain) or sponsor a development runner when you enter a race. Should you also be aware of a runner in need of such a donation, let us know.