Our route heads out from Linden via Zoolake and Forest Town to the hidden gem, The Wilds Game Reserve. The reserve offers various routes on historic stone-cut paths past water features, and awe-inspiring city views.

Recent efforts of artist James Delaney and his team of assistants and volunteers ensured this old landmark is once again a great place to train and visit. Delaney’s artworks, 67 steel laser-cut owls placed in a yellowwood grove to mark Mandela Day 2017 (July 18), were the catalyst for rallying the powerful and the not-so-powerful to restore the park to a place of pride for the city. As Delaney points out, the more people who return to enjoy the park, the safer it becomes. Dog walkers are welcomed with open arms (Delaney takes his own honey-coloured Labrador Pablo out for a walk in The Wilds every day), although owners are requested to please clean up after their dogs.

This is a beautiful and challenging run, and the runners who are not keen on a long run, can always order an Uber from The Wilds back to the club!