Welcome to the Linden Runner Family

Our admin will review all your documentation and form submitted, and will be captured in our database.
You will be added to our Club Whatsapp group – One is for Club Admin and weekly training programmes, and the other is for social running and training related chats.
The new Club Kit will be ready for collection in January after the Weekly time trial sessions on Wednesdays. Licenses should be available for us to collect at ASA at the end of Jan, but this might take a bit longer if they struggle with admin.
When you enter races, pls indicate Linden Runner as your Club. If we are not listed, pls inform so we can follow up with the race organizer to get us on the updated list. 

Time Trials are held every Wednesday night, as we open the gate at 5pm for self-starters and group start at 17:45 for the summer period. 
Admin queries can be done with Club Secretary or Chairman after the run. 

Our 2022 morning group runs will start from Linden Bowling Club for paid club members. You will receive a weekly programme which will outline the following in more detail:
  • Monday: Rest & Recovery/Rehabilitation work
  • Tuesday: Tempo / Fartlek / Speed Training. 5am from club
  • Wednesday: Fast 10km speedqueen set (fast as you can) – 5am from club OR Time Trial at 17:30 Time Trial
  • Thursdays:  Hill Training. 5am from club
  • Friday 5am: Easy chatty run from the club OR West-cliff stair training 1hr 5am from Croft&Co in Parkview.
  • Sat:  12-15km trail run from set location OR 15km run from the Club. These will alternate weekly.
  • Sun: Longrun 17-21km from the club, 7am
We also host the #KoppiesTrailRun monthly, dates will be available on our website events calendar. Its an organized 15km trailrun around Melville koppies and surrounds. Great for testing trail gear and improving on technical running skills.

If you have any particular running goals for 2022, discuss them with me and I would assist to formulate a training program for you needs. Our Club running group consist out of experienced triathletes, comrades runners, track athletes, and trailrunners, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitiate to ask in the group. Again, if you need help with physiotherapy, gym work or any other training assistance, chat to me in person and i will ensure we point you in the right way.

We wish you a great year of running with Linden Runner, and thank you for choosing us as your running club for 2022.
Estie van Heerden – Chairlady